zdjecie profilowe

LivinWarsaw is a light blog, combining our two passions – the Warsaw lifestyle and traveling. We reveal our favorite spots in the city and invite you to some of the most beautiful places of Poland and the world.

We are two friends, who have met in Warsaw several years back and found to have a lot in common. Business/economics studies, work in big corporations, foreign languages. But mostly we both love discovering the advantages of living in a big city and sharing our travel experiences.



Prefers a cozy movie night in good company over a crazy party. Cannot imagine her morning without coffee, adores good red wine in the evening. Is passionate about exploring new cultures – comes from Lithuania, studied in Germany, lives in Poland and has not yet said her final words.



Is hyperactive, doing all the sports that exist, loves specialty coffee and knows all episodes of Friends by heart. Works with numbers by day and helps her friends to get fat by constantly feeding them by night. Smiles to everyone. Simply enjoys her life.