Coffee First!

By Balbina on Sunday February 25th, 2018

The first thing I think about when I open my eyes, ok, second, as the first one is this amazing, little creature lying next to us and smiling. The second thing is COFFEE! I will not lie by saying that coffee plays a very important role in my life. And I don’t mean its stimulating effect of giving a kick, because this one doesn’t affect me so much. I love coffee for its taste and most importantly for its smell.

For me, the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning is one of the most beautiful things in the world. My friend has always had this desire to make coffee taste just like it smells. There is something about it as only the smell itself awakes almost “drug” addiction in us.

Brewing coffee in the morning belongs to our everyday rituals. This is one of the activities that we truly celebrate. Due to the fact that we always choose alternative methods of brewing coffee, it is a bit of quite fun for us.

In our tiny kitchen we have three devices for manual coffee brewing, Dripper Hario V60, Chemex and Aeropress. When we are together or having friends over, we usually reach after Chemex, because of its capacity. We can brew up to 800 ml of the infusion at once, whereas for us two, 500-600 ml is sufficient. When I am alone, I choose my favorite Dripper V60 as I get the most balanced flavor. When we travel, we always take Aeropress with us, with a coffee grinder, that was specially designed for it, Rhinowares, which fits inside the device and a bag of coffee beans. Thanks to this travel set, drinking your own coffee on a plane or in the mountain shelter is no longer an abstraction.

Usually we have at least two packages of different specialty coffee at home. You can read about Specialty Coffee and what makes it so special here. For some time now we have been subscribing coffee from roastery in Berlin, The Barn, which is one of our favorites. Every month they send us a package of 2 different bags of freshly roasted grains. Each month it is a different set, thanks to which we can try coffee from various plantations, or where coffee beans were extracted with different methods (natural/dry, washed/wet or honey which is a combination of first two methods). Package from The Barn is enough only for two or three weeks, which is why every month we buy an additional one or two bags of coffee. We usually go to our two favorites cafes, where we have a pretty big selection of coffee from different roasteries, from Poland and also abroad. It is Relax Café in the city center and STOR in Powisle. We usually get into a conversation with barista who can always advise what to buy based on our preferences. There is a lot to choose from.

But let us get to the final point, coffee. We boil water, measure coffee, grind it, soak paper filter to eliminate the paper taste and warm up the cup, put coffee inside the filter and brew. How much I love it! The view of small grains, foaming after contacting with hot water, delicious coffee flowing down with a thin stream, and this smell. Ok, I am going to make another cup now!





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