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Winter in the city – fun (?)

By Jurate on Thursday January 18th, 2018

I belong to those people who prefer summer over winter. Yes, Christmas trees covered with snow and frozen lakes are beautiful, howerver mud on the sidewalks and scraping the car windows are much less fun. I have always dreamed of retiring somewhere in a warm country. But even if my dream comes true, I still have some time to spare until I retire…

My little son is asleep, outside there is snow and I am wondering, that if I pretend just for a minute that winter is fun, then what is there to do on such real cold winter days?

Ice -Rink

A typical winter activity and what has always been fun for me is an hour on the ice rink. When I was growing up, there was only one large ice rink nearby, located a little outside the city, in the forest, which added a more unique character to the trip. In Warsaw, we do not have to leave the city to go to the ice rink. There is a whole list of them in the city, in addition there are quiet a few, that can be entered free of charge. You will find a list of free ice rinks on the WAW4FREE website, link HERE.

The Royal Garden of Light in Wilanów

Christmas time is over, but the light exposition continues until February 25th! I was there on Christmas and I really recommend it. Light installations are oryginal, refering to the Palace and the royal garden. It is a great way to spend gray winter evenings. Find out more HERE.

Free Thursdays

For those who have more time during the week and can visit museums outside the weekend, on Thursdays the entry to the King Jan III Palace and Park in Wilanów, to the Palace on the Water as well as other facilities in the Royal Łazienki Park and the Center for Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle is free. After visiting the museum you can go for a walk in the parks, covered in snow.


Or maybe its worth using grey winter days to learn something new, while at the same time spending time with your friends or family? Attending a workshop can be a way to do that. You can find various workshops in Warsaw, so you can choose a theme that interest you. E.g. on the 27th of January there will be a free workshop with a psychologist – stylist “Psychology in the wardrobe”. You will be able to learn about the impact, that our wardrobe has on other spheres in our lives. More HERE. You can also paint your own ceramics in Made by you workshops (more HERE) or go to some cooking workshops.

Read more about how you can spend the winter days HERE.

So have I convinced you that winter in the city can be fun? I am still thinking about it myself, but at least now I know what I will do next Thursday.


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