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By Jurate on Friday January 5th, 2018

I have lived in Wilanów for seven years now and I really like this district. But only now, on maternity leave, I am really spending a lot of time here. My little son does not really like driving a car, so sometimes I do not leave the district for weeks. Therefore I have to look for some interesting activities here for myself and my son to be able to spend time in a fun way on a daily basis.

Recently Wilanów is getting a bit crowded unfortunately. Especially on weekends, you need to be careful not to be hit by a bike when walking around, and I also miss some greenery here. However, I love that everything is fresh, nice and modern. I have always liked to live here, but recently I also learned that even without leaving the district for a few days or even weeks, you can have fun here. So I prepared a short list of my favorite places and activities in Wilanów.

na Wilanowie

In summer: As every district, also Wilanów is at its best in summer. On hot days, it is worth visiting Lake Park Wilanów and to spend the day lazy sunbathing like on holiday. In the evenings we like to sit in a beer garden in one of the pubs or lay on a sunbed at Royal Wilanów. A nice way to spend the evening is also the outdoor cinema on the beach of Wilanów. And for the more active, I recommend discovering the area by bike – around “miasteczko Wilanów” there is a great bicycle route, which will get you to the Kabacki forest in 15 minutes.

In winter: In winter, the biggest attraction in the district are Christmas illuminations at the palace of King Jan III Sobieski. On sunny days it is worth taking a walk near the Powsinkowskie lake – for a moment you can forget about being in a big city. On colder days, you can go to the swimming pool at ul. Wiertnicza or Gubinowska or have fun with the whole family on the ice rink at ul. Gubinowska (check the schedule in the pool during the week!). 

Sport: Unfortunately, due to having a small child (and CC) I have not yet had the opportunity to try free Women’s Run Wilanów trainings, but I still wanted to mention them here (although this season they are already over). They were held every Wednesday at 18.30. I think it is a great option for women who like to run or simply exercise outdoors. In summer 2018 I plan to join this group.

Horse riding can be another alternative for the gym. Just behind the Wilanów district (towards Konstancin) there is a stud farm where classes take place.

With a child: Wilanów is a great place for raising children. Especially “miasteczko”, because mainly young families with children live here, so nobody will be surprised by the sight of a small child in a cafe, at the gym or in the pool. There are also many places specially designed for young children.

There is a large playground on the beach of Wilanów, and in the ALTO shopping mall we have a playroom Fikołki, next to an icre-cream corner and the Italian restaurant Cucina, where you can wait while the kids play. A great place for children is also Royal Wilanów – outside you have trampolines, that the kids just love, a climbing wall, a playground, etc.

You will find changing tables in most cafes and restaurants in the district and often also a children’s corner. There are also cafes designed especially for parents with small children – I recommend Kids Molo Cafe* and Polana*. You can park the trolley outside the cafe or you can take it inside without a problem, and inside you will find toys, feeding chairs, a changing table and, of course, children’s menu. There are also classes for children – some starting from the third month of life already.

Active mums can go to fitness classes, e.g. three times a week in the Zdrofit fitness cener at 11 am. And at the pool at ul. Wiertnicza there are swimming lessons for infants.

Drinks: Wilanów is a quiet neighborhood, so it’s not worth to look for nightclubs and loud parties here. However, if you sometimes want to go out for a beer in the evening, I recommend The Beer Store*. It is a small, cozy place serving beers from different countries, as the name suggests. Especially in the summer it is nice to sit on a sunbed with a beer outside or watch an important game played on big flatscreen TVs inside or at bigger events also on a large screen outside.

na Wilanowie

Food: There are so many restaurants in Wilanów that you could sort them by the type of kitchen. In short, I recommend my favorite places – my absolute favorite from the day of opening is Open Kitchen (Kuchnia Otwarta)* – the food is delicious, the menu changes from time to time adjusting to the season and the latest trends, and the interior is clean, modern and not overwhelming. For pizza, I recommend Vilano* or Basico* (although they are not pizzerias, pizza is only an insignificant part of the menu of these restaurants). When we want to eat quickly and tasty – Taste Burger* is a great place to go. And when you feel like a good piece of meat, it’s worth going to Bistecca Bistro*. The restaurant often seems empty, so I have sometimes wondered how it survives since at least five years. But the fact that it usually does not burst at the seams is also an advantage of this place – you do not have to wait long for food, and the service is very polite.

* Kids Molo Cafe – Franciszka Klimczaka 17

Polana – Franciszka Klimczaka 5

The Beer Store – Aleja Rzeczypospolitej 14

Kuchnia Otwarta – Franciszka Klimczaka 1 – read more HERE

Vilano – Kazachska 1

Basico – ul. Adama Branickiego 11

Taste Burger – ul. Przyczółkowa 400

Bistecca Bistro – ul. Adama Branickiego 11

Royal Wilanów – read more HERE

Lake Park Wilanów – read more HERE

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