Bari for the weekend

By Balbina on Friday January 26th, 2018

Although winter is gentle with us this year, it is still far, far away from warm, spring and summer days. Winter evenings though can be the perfect time to plan your future trips. If you like short city breaks just like me and going somewhere abroad for the weekend, I have an idea for such trip. I guess that the group of Italy lovers is pretty big, therefore I will not surprise you If I take you there today, more specifically to the south region of Italy, Puglia.

I felt in love with this region few years ago for its excellent wine. Red, semi-dry Primitivo is definitely my favorite. That is why I could not wait for this trip, where I will drink great wine, eating local specialties.



This coastal city is stretching over the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful and a bit chaotic at the same time, especially with its drivers. Crossing the street at your own risk! Bari Vecchia is a bit different from the “traditional” old town, because you can see there more of normal life than tourists. Smell of laundry hanging everywhere is mixed up with the smell of freshly made pasta. You can observe everyday life thorough open windows, even hear some arguments here and there, or shouting Mamma who chases the kids playing football. The old town is separated from the sea with the city walls, from where there is a beautiful view of the coast and the harbor. Svevo Castle is the biggest monument of the city, located next to the old town. Bari is a great place to enjoy the southern Italian sun, blue sea and the taste of wonderful, local food.

Practical Information

Access from the Airport

Trains and buses from the airport to the city center of Bari run every few minutes. The ride takes about 20 minutes by train and 40 minutes by bus. The cost is about 5 euros.


The best option is to find something near the old tow, from where is the closest to the coast and restaurants. We decided to rent an apartment through Airbnb, only few minutes from the old town.

Where to Eat

Apulia’s cuisine makes me totally dreamy. We trusted technology and other people’s opinion while searching for best places to eat, which is TripAdvisor. One place fascinated us the most, restaurant La Uascezze, where we tasted great, local dishes, fresh ricotta and wonderfully creamy burrata, drinking fantastic wine. During the day we tried the food in other places but for the dinner we always came back there.


We went to Arbelobello for a one-day trip by train. The land of trulli is magical, just like a hobbit village. One and half thousand round houses made of limestone, covered with a characteristic roof in a form of a cone, with stones laid without mortar. This unique for this region architecture is so remarkable that the city was listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Those white houses are connected with each other, creating often dead ends, where it is worth to get lost even for a moment. Many of them are decorated with flowers or local souvenirs, which contrasts beautifully with the white color of those small houses. As Arbelobello is located on slight mountainous ground, there are few view spots from which you can see unusual, gray roofs of trulli houses.

How to get there

We can take a train to Arbelobello from Bari train station and it takes over an hour. Trains leave every hour and it costs around 5 euros.

Now your turn. It is time to book your flight!



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