Nine months later…

By Jurate on Sunday September 24th, 2017

The first thing I did this morning after waking up was turning on the light. It is a clear sign that the summer has definitely ended and for the next half year we will be talkig about the weather, complaining about lack of sun and energy. Even more depressing is that my little son is in bed fighting a cold and despite the tickets already being bought, we will not go and visit our family in Lithuania this week. I could continue looking for negatives, but a red light just turned on inside me and I thought that I prefer to look at everything from a different angle and to think about how we can spend this fall and winter actively and fun. I mean, Warsaw has so much to offer! So I made myself a cup of delicious coffee and turned on our blog, which me and Balbina have not visited for such a long time already.

More than 9 months have passed since the last entry. And there is a simple reason for doing such a long break – both of us became mums nearly at the same time. And though, yes, we believe that with a little effort and willingness you can do it all, we simply wanted to let ourselves focus on ourselves, pregnancy and being a mother in these few exceptional months of our lives.

However by now our bodies have already adjusted to a much smaller amount of sleep, and the babies are growing extremely fast, so we are starting again to work on our blog with new energy and ideas. And although we certainly will not change into a parenting blog, undoubtedly and naturally a new element will appear on the blog – how is it bringing up children in Warsaw? Which restaurants are child friendly? Where can you do sports with your baby? Should new young parents forget about going to the cinema, travelling and simply going out for the years to come? We will look for fun places and activities in Warsaw and share our own experiences.

And of course, as usual, we will be looking for new breakfast spots, ways to actively spend this autumn and winter in Warsaw and share our travel experiences – from short to longer trips, those with and without children.

We hope that after nearly a year you are still with us and we will manage to once again show you that Warsaw is a wonderful city to live in and will try to convince you to travel as often as possible.




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