Best places for breakfast in Warsaw – vol 2.

By Balbina on Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

Here are another 7 places for breakfast. I am really fortunate to live in Powiśle, where we are very close to many great places in Śródmieście, therefore this district dominates in our list. It is time for the second release of our best breakfast places in Warsaw. If you haven’t read the first part yet, click here. Enjoy!

Breakfast in Warsaw – ranking 2

SAM Kameralny Kompleks Gastronomiczny

When bumping to SAM for breakfast, it may be good to make a reservation in advance, because even during the work week it can be hard to find a table, not even mentioning the weekend. SAM is a kind of place that lives by it’s own rhythm, making you feel like in a local community. Big table located in the center increases this feeling even more. SAM feeds us from early morning (8:00) until night (22:00), giving us a wide variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and other dishes. For breakfast we can choose from omelettes, bagels, eggs, porridge or sets, where the drink is also included.  Prices range from 10 to 38 PLN. SAM is also a bakery where you can buy fresh bread and local products.

Address: Lipowa 7a



Aioli is probably one of the most famous breakfast places in Warsaw, and this is mainly due to the prices. They were the first ones to introduce the set where to an ordered coffee you can get a breakfast for an addition of 1 PLN.  They initiated a new wave, which has been also continued in a few other restaurants. More about Aioli you can read here.

Recently, Aioli decided to change their menu, which in my opinion is much better now, especially when it comes to breakfast. We can choose from sweet or salty waffles, frittata with spinach, or chia pudding with fruits. Aioli is always crowded, but somehow the service is still handling it, and still whatever you may say or complain, the price of breakfast for 1 PLN makes a difference.

Address: Aioli – Świętokrzyska 18, Aioli Inspired by Mini – Plac Konstytucji 5


Kafka is one of the most recognizable cafes in Warsaw, open for almost a decade. You can read about Kafka hereWhen autumn comes, we settle in the warm, cozy interior, but when spring and summer is here, blankets on the grass or lawn chairs pop up, where people sit and relax for hours. Kafka is always full of people and fragrant food. Well, maybe the smell is sometimes too intense, remaining with us for a long time after leaving the cafe, but we cannot deny that the climate of this place is unique.

For breakfast we can choose eggs, yogurt or some classic sets, like Polish, English and French, as well as sets for children. Prices range from 10 to 21 PLN, not including beverages.

Address: Oboźna 3

Być może

Być może may not belong to our top spots for breakfast, but we do sometimes come here, because of the location and opening hours. It is on the way to work, and it is open from 7 in the morning, so you can safely jump in for an early breakfast before work. Breakfast menu is quite rich and is served all day long. We can find eggs variations here (omelettes, fried, baked eggs, or eggs Benedict), something sweet, like French toast, cheese pancakes and porridge, or something dry, such as hot dogs with rabbit or veal. In the set price, the morning coffee and juice is already included.

Prices range from 15 to 21 PLN. A small objection will be the service, which is unfortunately a bit slow, so if you decide to go to Być może, then arm yourselves with patience.

Address: Bagatela 14

Rozbrat 20 Bakery & Wine

Since the opening Rozbrat 20 appears on many To Go lists for Breakfast. We decided to check if what they say is in fact true. We went there with a group of friends and they easily prepared a table for eight for us. With our big group we could taste a few positions from the menu. As the name of the restaurant suggests, they bake their own bread. And to be frank, their bread and cold butter could be more than enough for me. But why limit ourselves? In the breakfast menu we have egg poche on a toasted bread with avocado paste, porridge with caramelized apples, scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. The menu changes from time to time. If we get a need to finish with something sweet, you can also get some pastries, located on a large, wooden table set in the center of the restaurant. Prices range from 10 to 30 PLN.

So I confirm the common opinion, that it is really worth going there, not only for breakfast.

Address: Rozbrat 20

Charlotte Menora

It is one of my favorite places for breakfast. Charlotte on Grzybowski Square is much more spacious and calm than the one on Zbawiciela Square. To their classic menu Charlotte also added some of the Jewish flavors, like crepes with cottage cheese, orange zest and rose water, pudding with plate and chocolate, or bagels. Another advantage of this place is the view to our favorite Grzybowski Square, which is very unique at any time of the year (you can read about Grzybowski square here).

Prices range from 8 to 25 PLN. In more expensive sets, coffee or juice is included. Breakfast is served from 7 am until midnight.

Address: Plac Grzybowski 2

Sucre – Bistro


Besides the fact, that Sucre makes probably the best macaroons I ate (of course not counting those in Paris), they also feed us well and from the early morning hours (7:00 A.M). They offer a few breakfast sets, including scrambled eggs with croissant, or with a basket of bread, croissant with cheese and jam, cooked frankfurters wit mushrooms, fried eggs or omelette. Selected coffee and juice is included in each set, everything in price of 19.90 PLN. Of course, I strongly recommend to sweeten yourselves at the end of the meal with some macaroons, as we have a big range of flavors to choose from.

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 7


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