7 ways to spend fall 2016

By Balbina on Wednesday October 5th, 2016

For me fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, which is why I don’t agree with the popular complaining how bad and gloomy it is. I love autumn because of its unusual colors, golden leaves lying on the streets, air temperature which is no longer as tiring as in the summer, warm sweaters and lying under the blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. Autumn does not have to be boring or sad. Here are our 7 ways to spend this year’s fall.


7 Ways to spend fall 2016

1.Warsaw Film Festival

It is the 32nd edition of Warsaw Film Festival. Starting from Monday we will be able to watch the most interesting films from 61 countries. In this year’s program we will see 111 films and 64 short films, also there will be many events around the festival, including new initiative called Warsaw Meetings organized for European film producers, interested in international productions. This year’s festival can be seen in Kinoteka and Multikino Złote Tarasy. Ticket information is available on festival website.




2. II Coffee and Tea Feast

15th of October It will be already the second edition of the event organized to celebrate those two wonderful beverages. The shopping center on Mysia 3 street will be filled with the smell of brewed tea leaves and freshly roasted coffee beans. Various exhibitors connected with coffee and tea will meet here, representing some Coffee Roasters and coffee shops. You can also join some thematic lectures, where among others Java Coffee and The Barn representatives will talk about the Third Wave and manual coffee brewing methods. There will also be something to eat, in particular I recommend my favorite donuts from MOD Donuts


3. Sport

I will not remind you about the advantages of doing sports, but it is well known since forever, that nothing works better on our mood than intense training, the best in group of people, who motivate you even more. If you still do not have an idea for a sport, or would like to diversify your training, I recommend fitness on trampoline. You can read about Fit and Jump on Sienkiewicza Street and advantages of such training here.



4. Evenings with a book

Days like today, rainy and cold are not so scary, if we warm ourselves with a blanket, drink tea and read a good book. Below are some of my latest book findings.


5. Walks in the park

Now it is time for something for your body and spirit. What would you say about a walk in the park? I bet you have your favorite parks too, which become even more charming in autumn. For me it is Łazienki Park where I usually do jogging and Ujazdowski Park.

Autumn scenery with deciduous trees in a park and the sun warmly illuminating the foliage

6. Restaurants

There was something for your body and spirit, now it is time to take care of our palate. In autumn our appetite rises back, so what is the best place to bury yourself in the company of friends? Where there is good food, of course. We usually end up in our favorite places, Mąka i Woda and Thaisty.


7. Travels

In the list of autumn pleasures we could not miss travels. I really like visiting European cities in fall. With the colors of trees add incredible charm, sightseeing is even more enjoyable. This autumn it is time for Rome combined with great food, coffee and wine. But it is not the only travel planned. When we get tired of the big city, we plan to hide in a wooden cabin in our favorite mountains Bieszczady, which are even more beautiful during autumn.

And what are your ways to spend fall?

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    Wednesday October 12th, 2016

    Jurate i Balibina- Wasze pomysły są ekstra. Dopisuje kino😊 pozdrawiam

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      Wednesday October 19th, 2016

      Ania, właśnie dzisiaj wybieram się do kina! Myślę, że spokojnie można by dopisać jeszcze kilka punktów do listy 🙂



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