Best places for breakfast in Warsaw – vol 1.

By Jurate on Monday September 5th, 2016

On weekends we like to spend our mornings in a cafe or a restaurant, with a cup of good coffee, surrounded by people who are not yet fully awake. Fortunately, in Warsaw, there are lots of nice places for breakfast and depending on your mood, you can choose from the more intimate and cozy ones through the newest and modern ones in the city center or the vibrant, already well-known restaurants. As the list of places, which we like to visit in the mornings gradually got longer and longer, I decided to prepare a ranking of the best places for breakfast in Warsaw. Due to the length of the list, I divided it into two parts, the continuation will follow shortly.

Breakfast in Warsaw – ranking

Shipudei Berek

Delicious, hearty Israeli food is great for those who like a big breakfast (one that nearly keeps you full until dinner). In the breakfast menu among other things you will find shakshouka in two versions, pizza, hummus or classic omelet with extras such as fresh home pitta, tuna paste, salty cheese with Zaatar and others. Along with the bill each person at the table will get a shot of home liquor, even in the morning. And because someone has yet to drive home, I usually have to drink two. Why not!
Lately Berek  became one of our favorite restaurants, and not just for breakfast. So soon you can also expect a post on the blog entirely devoted to this restaurant.
Breakfast is served all day long, prices range from 10 to 15 PLN, tea or coffee is included.
Address: ul. Jasna 24

Milanovo Bread & Wine & Café

We discovered Milanovo Bread & Wine & Cafe by accident. Every time, when we were bypassing this cafe driving down Puławska street, I told myself that it looks interesting and I’d like to go there sometime. So a few weeks ago “sometime” came and we decided to try this place out.
The plan was to stop by for a coffee and cake, but after seeing the menu we settled there for a little while longer and ate a second breakfast. The menu has some interesting proposals, such as sweet or salty breakfast waffles, dips and pastes in different flavors with bread, as well as the more typical breakfast offerings, such as eggs prepared in different ways, croissants and porridge. I also really recommend their smoothies.
The decor is very light, in vivid turquoise color, with light pink accessories. And looking through the window at the busy crossing, when I do not have to hurry anywhere myself, has a calming effect.
Breakfast is served all day long, and the price is on average 15-16 PLN, unfortunately you have to buy coffee separately.
Address: ul. Puławska 142


Breakfast in the American restaurant Jeffs is already a tradition for us. We go there since a few years and I am surprised  myself, that we have not gotten bored of it yet. I just love going there in winter – when there is snow outside, and you can watch skiing competitions on television screens, while still waking up with help of hot coffee with cinnamon.
The menu has several American-style breakfast suggestions – including pancakes with maple syrup, a large omelet, „The All American” set consisting of eggs prepared in your favorite way, sausages, potatoes and vegetables or, my favorite, a breakfast set with marinated salmon. Whatever you choose – you will certainly not leave hungry.

On weekends, breakfast is served until 1 pm, while on weekdays it can be ordered throughout the day. Prices range from 10.90 to 21.90 PLN, coffee is not included in the price, but having ordered breakfast coffee, you can ask for as many refills as you want even if the last one will already be coffee “to go”.
Address: ul. Żwirki i Wigury 32 (and in Galeria Mokotów)


Nabo cafe is located in Sadyba district, in a beautiful, historic neighborhood of old, renovated villas, done and furnished in a minimalist, Scandinavian style. It is run by a Polish-Danish family and serves Danish specialties (what else!). For breakfast I recommend among other buckwheat pancakes, a breakfast combo with three dips or poached eggs with bacon.
I mostly like this place because of its atmosphere – in the morning the room is filled with natural light, its cozy and calm. We like to sometimes spend the weekend morning here – starting from breakfast at Nabo, through a long walk around the area and along the Czerniakowski lake, which is nearby.
Breakfast is served until 12.00, the prices vary from 8 to 22 PLN, coffee is not included in the price, except for one breakfast set for 10 PLN – cinnamon muffin + coffee
Address: ul. Zakręt 8

The One, Saska Kepa

We discovered this place in Saska Kepa district quite recently – tasteful, elegant interior and beautiful garden among tall trees and, above all, delicious, healthy food. The cuisine is based on healthy, organic products, and bread is backed on site (on request – it can be gluten-free). The breakfast menu holds BIO eggs, prepared in various ways, cottage cheese, cereal, pancakes and sandwiches.
Breakfast prices range from 12 to 26 PLN. Along with breakfast, coffee or tea costs 1 PLN.
Address: Francuska 3

Bułkę przez Bibułkę

Bułkę przez Bibułkę is not a new address in the restaurant map of Warsaw, but only a few weeks ago we went there for breakfast for the first time. A few years ago I was in this restaurant on Puławska street for lunch and back then I was not really impressed by it. Therefore, despite the assurances of a good friend, that it is a great place, I wasn’t too much in a hurry to go back there again.
Therefore I was even more pleasantly surprised that the restaurant in the city center proved to be quite spacious, very nicely decorated and have a great breakfast menu. Portions are large enough to satisfy my morning hunger, and the prices are affordable. I highly recommend American pancakes, omelet and the set “breakfast in Paris” (a basket of bread and croissant with home jam, chocolate cream, lavender honey and butter).
Breakfast prices range from 10 to 15 PLN. Small cappuccino for breakfast costs 5 PLN.
Address: ul. Zgoda 3 or ul. Puławska 24

Kuchnia Otwarta, Wilanów

Kuchnia Otwarta is one of my favorite places for breakfast in Warsaw. Although the restaurant is decorated in an elegant, slightly industrial-style, the atmosphere here is very pleasant and cozy – there is plenty of natural light coming in through large windows, which you can enjoy, for example, sitting in a comfortable armchair by the window.
If you are very hungry, I recommend the “English table” and delicious shakshouka or if you are slightly less hungry, bruschetta with avocado paste. Breakfast is served with a basket of fresh bread with butter and a cup of coffee with possible refills.
Breakfast is served until 12.00, the price is 16 PLN, including coffee with refills or tea.
Address: ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1

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