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By Balbina on Thursday July 21st, 2016

I must admit, that I couldn’t resist writing about this new place in Powiśle, that turned out to be one big discovery, perfect for lunch or early dinner. Especially, when it is located in my neighborhood.

Kota Buns has been opened by Adam Leszczyński, well known from such restaurants as Kaskrut, Tamka 43, Soul Kitchen, as well as from the TV show Top Chef. This very talented, young chef has also explored the secrets of cooking from Gordon Ramsey and decided to relish in wonderfully battery buns, and flatbread, which is unique for our market.

This is not the first restaurant Adam Leszczynski has opened. Before Kota Buns, KotaKota bistro was opened in this location, serving author’s menu. The restaurant quickly gathered a fixed clientele, hence there was an idea to move it to a larger space.  We will find out soon about the new location.

Coming back to the food. In the restaurant we can try buttery buns with various ingredients. The menu constantly changes as the cook experiments. So far we could try buns with schnitzel and fried egg, meatballs with tomato sauce and beans, with duck confit, black pudding with rose jam , rhubarb and apple or with chicken, homemade barbecue sauce, coleslaw and mint. I will just say – it was heaven for my mouth. Instead of buns you can choose flatbread, prepared on dry frying pan. I tried flatbread of the day, with pork, pineapple, bacon, chili and caramel nuts.

The interior is also impressive. This pretty small, cozy place has been decorated with second-hand materials and furniture, collected by the owner. The names of all donors were put on labels attached to each piece of furniture. Unique tiles, old, wooden floors that decors the toilette or the wall successively filled with Polaroid photos of it’s customers. It all gives the unique character of this place.

I recently read about one ranking, what will be the next wave after burgers. For me this could be Buns and flatbread.

Kota Buns, Adres: Bartoszewicza 3, Facebook





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