Hot and Cold – Iceland vol 2

By Balbina on Friday June 10th, 2016

Iceland is a unique country, especially for its geology. This “living” island full of volcanoes, glaciers and sulfur has amazed everyone, who had a chance to see it up close. We loved it unconditionally.

In the first part of Iceland story I focused more on the “green” part of the island, located near Reykjavik. Today it is time for a further journey, this time among unknown views of glaciers, sulfur fields or black volcanic areas just like from the moon.

As the first one I want to mention one of the most beautiful places, perfect for long hiking – Landmannalaugar. These are very colorful mountains of rhyolite located near the famous Hekla volcano in southern Iceland. A beautiful valley covered with cotton grass adds a lot of charm, overgrown with moss lava fields, hot springs, where we can always take a bath and numerous streams. Due to the large number of hiking trails it is worth to stay here even for two days, sleeping on a nearby campsite. You can get here only in the summer by a 4×4 car (June -September), the rest of  the year, the road is impassable.


Driving the main road No. 1 to the east, we arrived at Jokulsarlon, the Ice Lagoon. It is a lake, which was formed about 40 years ago due to recession of a small portion of the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull. The ice floe drifts on the lake, which slowly passes into the ocean by a narrow outlet. Personally, I must admit that the view of blocks of ice drifting on the lake and the ocean has done so far the biggest impression on me.


Going further to the north we get to the geothermal fields of sulfur, Namafjall. These fields are covered with fumaroles through which various gases escape. The intense smell of sulfur is striking, it sometimes even knocks us on the ground. However, the most impressive is the view itself. Extremely yellow- orange area, the gases coming out of the ground, small lakes of sulfuric mud , which is bubbling from the heat. Namafjall is near the famous Lake Myvatn, also called Mosquito Lake. In the same area we can see numerous lava blocks of various shapes or craters, the appearance of which supposedly is confusingly similar to the one found on the Moon.


After a few days on the island we reach north, close to Akureyri, the second largest city of Iceland. This very picturesque, mountainous terrain is ideal for camping. I could always have such views in the morning.

To be continued…





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