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By Balbina on Monday May 23rd, 2016

Relax Cafe Bar is one of the alternative cafes I visit the most. Sometimes I come here for a good drip accompanied by delicious cakes, sometimes for a flat white, but generally I come here for the fresh beans for home brewing. And there is plenty to choose from. In Relax they do not limit themselves to only a few coffee roasters, with which they cooperate, as proved by the variety of coffees there, offering us something different with almost every visit.

Regular cupping and traveling allow them to discover new coffee grains and the guys share those findings with us with joy. We will find here coffee from almost all roasters in Poland, such as CoffeeLab and Java from Warsaw, Karma, CRS Coffeeroasters and Coffee Profficiency from Krakow, Czarny Deszcz from Wroclaw, Audun Coffee from Kołobrzeg, and also foreign once, like Keen Coffee from Netherlands, Coffee Collective from Denmark, Man Versus Machine from Munich, WorkShop from London or DoubleShot from Prague. You may find here some of the classics from Berlin as well, like Bonanza or The Barn. You may wonder which one to buy? Have some confidence in the guys, they will always advise you well. At the same time you can find here all accessories for alternative brewing.

What is interesting, espresso ordered and drunk at the bar costs only 4 zł using the pass “Espresso at the bar”. We can also eat some delicious cakes here, also prepared in cooperation with the vegetarian restaurant W Gruncie Rzeczy on Hoza Street.

Baristas working in Relax are very good in Latte Art – making beautiful milk drawings on coffee. They regularly take part in various competitions, such as Polish Brewers Cup Championship and Polish Barista Championship. It does not end with hot coffee. We also have healthy cocktails and drinks based on coffee, e.g. Cold brew from Cascara, orange and mint, or Aerotonic – coffee, tonic and ice cubes. Having a license for beer, Relax also serves various craft beers, including breweries like PINTA and AleBrowar.

Throughout the summer season, regular Street Kizombada is held at the entrance to Relax Cafe Bar, which is a crowd of people dancing to Latin rhythms. The first edition of this year took place on Wednesday, 18th of May.

This relatively small cafe has a lot to offer, which has been recognized by the Warsaw Insider, giving Relax Cafe Bar the award for Best Cafe (meeting place) in 2015.

Relax Cafe Bar, Adres: Złota 8a (Pasaż Wiecha na tyłach Empiku)



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