My favorite square – Plac Grzybowski

By Balbina on Friday May 13th, 2016


Grzybowski Square, from the very beginning was taking various characters. Since the seventeenth century, when it originated, it has already been a square market, city hall, prison, execution spot and finally the Warsaw’s ghetto during World War II. Currently, after big modernization that took place in 2010, it is a place for simply “being”.

I come here myself at least once a week, visiting it’s restaurants, meeting friends, hanging out on a bench, eating ice cream from nearby Limoni, or simply passing by on my way home.

Grzybowski Square is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. Firstly, due to the extraordinary history of this place. The combination of Jewish and Christian culture, beautiful buildings designed in the nineteenth century, the Church of All Saints in the lead, where the Jews residing in the ghetto have prayed during World War II. Townhouses are gradually being restored, which can be seen on the beautiful Próżna street. Small shops still maintain the tradition of trading iron trinkets.

Secondly due to its location, as the square is hidden in the city center, between Grzybowska, Twarda, Bagno and Królweska streets. It is like an oasis, a green gem among skyscrapers. Thirdly because of numerous events organized here, with the largest Jewish Culture Festival, Singer Festival, which is held every year in August.

And finally – the restaurants. Grzybowski became a real culinary hub. Depending on the time of the day, occasion or appetite, we will always find something suitable. Listed below are some of the most interesting places.


Ceviche Bar – kingdom of Martin Gimenez Castro, located in modern building Cosmopolitan. A place where you can eat typical Peruvian food, really healthy, light, fresh and spicy.

Adres: Twarda 2/4


Nowa Próżna – bistro perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the menu we will find octopus, tuna tartare, veal or walleye.

Adres: Próżna 10IMAG0294

Mercato – restaurant combined with delicacies offering Italian goodies. Menu prepared based on local Italian ingredients.

Adres: Próżna 7IMAG0302

Strefa – original, elegant place, good for business meetings or dates. Menu is dominated by seafood, chef’s specialty.

Adres: Próżna 9IMAG0316IMAG0313

Cafe Próżna – informal place, looking more like a French cafe. Perfect for a little black coffee, or a glass of wine with your friends.

Adres: Próżna 1220160509_194942

Kieliszki na Próżnej – over 1000 glasses decorating unique interior, great wine selection and a menu, where we can find dishes underlying wine taste. Here wine is the main dish.

Adres: Próżna 1220160509_195025

Charlotte Menora – sister of Charlotte on Zbawiciela square, with much bigger and spacious interior. Menu, apart of well known positions from other places of Charlotte (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw) has also a few tidbits from Jewish cuisine, like bagels, plait pudding, blintzes (white cheese, orange zest, cream, rose water), cymes (marinated carrot with coriander, dates and walnuts) or caviar juif (grilled plait with goose liver, egg, onion and beetroots.

Adres: Plac Grzybowski 220160509_194828

Pardon To Tu – a unique pub, vinyl shop, bookstore or venue. You can eat there and drink good beer here. All accompanied by live music.

Adres: Plac Grzybowski 12/1620160509_194306

Odette Tea Room – for all lovers of tee from around the world and special, modern desserts. Here you will forget about any diets!

Adres: Twarda 2/4



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