Biking in Warsaw

By Jurate on Sunday May 8th, 2016

Although I rode a bike already several times this spring, it is only today that I can consider the season as officially opened. Using the sunny and warm weather, today we have decided to go a bit further than our usual route – starting from Wilanów, through Powiśle, up until the Fountain Park near the castle, returning through Wał Miedzeszyński, Siekierkowski bridge, Zawady, and back to Wilanów (36 km). This is a great route both for sightseeing and resting in the green. Along the way, there is also lots of bars, parks and beautiful places on the Vistula river, where you can enjoy a break.

The cycling culture is developing from year to year in Warsaw. As soon as the weather becomes milder after winter, a lot of people, including many of my friends and colleagues, are abandoning buses and cars and getting on two wheels to commute to work on a bike. I unfortunately do not belong to these people, because I enjoy sleeping too much and I’d have to go 16 km in one direction, which would be a bit too far for me in the morning. But I love to ride a bike in the evening after work and clear my head after a long day.

However it is on weekends, where you can see really a lot of people biking on the streets – more and more families spend their free time actively in this way. We have already 460 km of cycling trails in the city and new ones under construction, which makes it possible to choose different routes and thus explore different neighborhoods of the city.

Here you can find a map with available biking tracks in Warsaw:

I also recommend exploring the website, it has some quite interesting biking track ideas, including comments and pictures.

Our route



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