Fish Market

By Balbina on Monday March 21st, 2016

Friday, the week’s end and the beginning. Upcoming weekend is not the only reason why we can enjoy this particular day of the week. For all lovers of good quality fish and seafood there is an additional occasion, as every Friday there is a Fish Market located on Plac Powstańców in the city center. Choosing Friday was not accidental, as it is about the Polish tradition of not eating meat and fasting.

The market offers fish and sea food from all over the world – halibut, monkfish, tuna, catfish, perch, eel, sea bream, sole, merlin, shrimp, mussels, and octopus. Our beloved smoked fish can also be found there. We can choose from fresh fish, all kinds of processed products and ready fish dishes. Ready food served during the Market brings in even more variety, like snails in tomato sauce, spring rolls, fish soup, Chinese dumplings and many others.

In Poland we still eat very little fish and seafood, and most often we eat the well known fillets. Organizers want to make the Fish Market a place for education, how to cook fish, mussels, octopus or oysters. So do not be afraid of asking questions or having a nice chat with people working there. Recently I learned a lot about Polish snails.

Fishermen, Polish family companies and manufactures exhibit there. Unfortunately a dominating rule for coming here is the sooner the better, because the supply is not enough for the whole day. So if you plan to come here after work, it may be simply too late to buy something interesting for you.

On the occasion of upcoming Easter, Fish Market will be opened exceptionally for a few days, from 18th to 25th of March. Exhibitors serve regional specialties that are typical for Easter – homemade meat products, pastries, all kind of eggs, herbs and seedlings, Easter palms, food baskets, and other decorations.

Targ Rybny, Otwarte: piątek 11:00 – 19:00, Adres: Plac Powstańców Warszawy

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