Aioli & Aioli inspired by Mini

By Jurate on Thursday March 24th, 2016

My sister likes to joke that restaurants Aioli and Aioli inspired by Mini look like a construction site. So does a restaurant, where the walls and ceilings are made out of raw concrete, the interior is decorated with metal elements and black industrial lamps, needs to feel cold and uncomfortable? Just the opposite – if you add a few finishing touches, like tables and a bar made out of light natural wood, black and white mosaic on the floor and pots with fresh basil, oregano, rosemary and other spices. And you will feel hungry right from the entrance once you see the shelves filled with tomato cans, bottles of olive oil and other products as well as an open kitchen, with ham and garlic hanged around it.

The interior is just one of many elements which cause that the restaurants are full of people and vibrant almost every day and at any time. Last week I had to wait for a table in a queue that was winding till outside of the restaurant! The key attribute of both restaurants is of obviously good food. The restaurants serve food of southern kitchen – you can order really good pizza, a large burger served on a wooden desk with homemade fries and a salad or go for one of the following options: a steak, fish, seafood, pasta, tapas, sandwich or a salad.

However I would like to dedicate today’s post mainly to their breakfast offerings. Sweet or salty, large portion or just a morning snack – whatever you are in to, Aioli and Aioli inspired by Mini are great places to start a day in a good Warsaw style. I mostly order “Salmon dark bread” set. Dark break, rocket, poche egg, additives like pickled onion and of course the king of the plate – salted salmon with a quarter of lemon. When I am really hungry and in the mood for something more heavy, I chose the “bacon sandwich” or a breakfast set with two fried eggs, sausages and dark bread. Pizza for breakfast is not necessarily my thing, but I have a friend who could eat only pizza three times a day, every day. If you feel the same way, then brekkie pizza can be something for you. Do not be fooled by the word “brekkie” – this is not a little pizza for a small morning snack. And I just have to mention the sweet breakfast sets with amazing homemade jam. Every breakfast comes with a coffee of our choice. And if you buy a coffee on weekdays in Aioli or Aioli inspired by Mini – you will get any breakfast set for 1 PLN.

Apart from delicious food, the restaurants attract people with their ambience. In the corner there is a DJ stand and every evening we can eat our dinner listening to music mixed live for us. You can sit at the bar and watch busy bartenders and try a delicious cocktail of their own invention. The staff here is always nice and friendly, even on days when it gets very busy. Additionally the restaurants Aioli and Aioli inspired by Mini are located centrally, so you can explore the center of Warsaw after you’ve had breakfast.

Aioli: Świętokrzyska 18, 00-052 Warszawa,

Aioli inspired by Mini: Plac Konstytucji 5, Warszawa,


restauracja Aioli


restauracja Aioli regał

menu restauracja Aioli

kawa śniadanie restauracji Aioli

śniadanie Aioli

Morning Brioche

śniadanie restauracja Aioli

Sausage & Eggs

bacon sandwich w restauracji Aioli

Bacon Sandwich

restauracja Aioli inspired by Mini


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